Sunday, January 1, 2012

Knitting on

The land of unfinished projects. I live in it. I have started sooo many knitting projects and only finished a 1/4 of them. When I was in my last trimester with River, I knit like it was my job. I think in 2 months I finished like 13 things for him. That sounds great but what about the other eleven million projects that fell by the waist side? This year I'm trying to change all of that. My goal is to make a list and slowly over the next two months finish the pile. I also have so many things I want to make! It's overwhelming to choose just ONE to work on ya know? I love to sit and plan, choose my yarns's the actual knitting that never gets done. It's sad!

First, I really want to finish my sweater! Living in Florida means a small window for wool sweaters... Heck, on Christmas day it was in the 70's. I started my Annabel Cardigan in July of 2011. This WILL be the first thing to check off my list.

 I really thought I would knit a million legwarmies for River but I got about 3 inches in and just stopped. I don't know. I get soo bored on tiny needles and the thought of having to knit another one..well no motivation. I really want to finish these though so I think these will be my portable project that I tote around with me.

My own hat is sitting half done. It's a super fun knit! I'm just having trouble finding the time to finish it. I lost track of where I left off so that will be interesting to figure out. The pattern is laid out line by line...yeah.

 My Ribbed Lace Bolero is literally just casted on and knit for like 8 rows. I love the look of it and fully intend to finish. I might start over with a different yarn though. The cotton fleece is hard on my hands so I'm not 100% loving the process of knitting this...which I think is why it isn't done. :/

The Fat Baby Booties that I started are super cute. The only thing is that the pattern is riddled with mistakes and has soo many ends to weave in. Also in my tired Mama state read the directions wrong and picked up stitches on the wrong side..I can't bring myself to rip it out so maybe once I felt them it won't be so noticeable! One down, one to go...

Now, if only this sweet face will let the knitting happen...we shall see. ;)

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